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Miniso Australia Franchise: The Rapid Development of Miniso

Miniso Australia Franchise: The Rapid Development of Miniso

MINISO has made a quantum leap since 2013. Like many successful retail stores, it started from scratch. The inspiring humble beginnings proved that with hardwork and perseverance, everything will pay off. Everything started in 2013, when Ye Guofu, the brand's founder, went to Japan. He brought his family with him and from there he discovered that there was a lot of specialty stores intended for home furnishing.

These home furnishing items were mostly made in China and this gave him a source of inspiration to come up with a brand that is centered on fashion. His primary target were young people who love to shop in Guangzhou, China. Guofu isn't just about creating any brand, but a brand that produces excellent products.

Of course, a brand needs a name to be recognised by potential customers. So how did MINISO become a household name? First let's have a look at MINISO's original intention. The brand was to establish a way of life. It's not only about putting emphasis on personality or fashion, but also in making sure that products are also unique and worthy of the name. Guofu also thinks that popular brands don't have to be expensive.

MINISO is specifically designed for future consumption. It aims to restore the essence of the product and return to the original so products are more fashionable, cheaper, and reliable. MINISO, true to their goal, has consistently produced items that are rich in appearance without sacrificing function and quality.

When it comes to the graphical interpretation of MINISO, the logo design resembles a shopping bag. It's in fact the brand's main image. Simple and stylish, MINISO's logo gives consumers a minimalistic but modern sense. The logo isn't just a logo but also a reflection of the brand's industry attributes. It shows the concept of shopping and consumption. Once you rest your eyes on the logo, you'll realise that its highly recognisable and memorable.

MINISO's intention is to help young people loosen up by enjoying a quality life. Although most people always say that quality comes at a price, MINISO would like to provide products that are of high-quality but well within everyone's budget. The three major DNAs of the brand include high quality and low price, joy and do whatever you want. The brand also wants to bring happiness , giving freedom to consumers to feel satisfied whenever they shop.

MINISO also emphasises that having a good life has nothing to do with the price. All people deserve to enjoy beautiful and rich products without worrying about the price tag.

It was in 2020 that MINISO developed a retail empire and it was a brand new start for the brand. On May 16th, MINISO launched a new brand slogan: Just be wild, MINISO. This slogan means that if everyone can be wild, the world will be a better place. MINISO focuses on becoming a consumer brand that truly understands the youth of today.

MINISO has more than 5,000 retail stores around the world as of December 31, 2021. They're thriving in 100 countries and regions including Australia, United States, Canada and Russia. There's no doubt that MINISO is now one of the popular brands maintaining its high quality, high appearance and high cost performance.

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