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About Us

The MINISO Brand founder Jack Ye gained inspiration for MINISO while on vacation with his family in Japan in 2013. He came across several specialty stores in Japan which stocked good quality, well designed, and inexpensive products that were mostly manufactured in China. With his knowledge and experience in product development, supply chain, and the fashion industry, Jack established MINISO with its headquarters in Guangzhou, China, a brand catering to young people around the world.

From our product development to the feeling we want our customers to have, MINISO is based on three core principles:

  • Affordable high quality: the guidance on our decisions from design to materials
  • Joy: the response our customers experience while in our stores
  • Lightheartedness: the relaxed and happy feeling when encountering a wide variety of goods available

MINISO's products are created and designed with the youth of today in mind. They're playful, modern, and fun. With numerous partnerships under our belt, exclusive collaborations with some of the popular brands allowed us to secure a comfortable place in pop culture. 

We have collaborated with Marvel, Coca-Cola, We Bare Bears, Mickey and Friends, Disney Animals, Sesame Street And Pink Panther. All of our products are originally designed and officially licensed. 

To keep that product pipeline full and in a continued commitment to original design, we have established the MINISO Design Academy and teamed up with some of the best designers from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain and South Korea to create high-quality products that skillfully blend creativity.

One of our goals is to create a versatile brand voice that taps not only into today's youth, but also into all generations. 

MINISO is also a brand that cares. We have supported various causes uniting people around the world. 

One of our initiatives is during the bushfire in Australia in 2020 that resulted in massive closedown of retail stores in Australia. MINISO donated 5% of Marvel products sales until the bushfire became manageable. 

We had also organised a fundraising drive for people in Wuhan, China when Novel Coronavirus was at its peak. Aside from encouraging people to follow safety, we have also put in more efforts in helping those who have been seriously hit by the global pandemic.



MINISO’ s original intention was to enable the young generation to enjoy life through high-quality products and services. He wanted customers to have affordable, well-designed, quality products.

Through consumer insights gained from its international operations, MINISO evolved its definition of "extreme affordability", while proposing the concept of "interest-based consumption" for the first time in the retail industry. To meet the needs of young consumers, MINISO innovates through co-branding partnerships with popular license holders, its excellent designs, and trendy technology , and launches products that are visually pleasing, easy to use and fun to play with.

At the same time, as consumer behavior has shifted to include multiple touchpoints, MINISO has embraced an omni-channel strategy combining the online and offline market, providing consumers with a seamless shopping experience.

MINISO operates its global business under its brand slogan " Life is for fun ". Today, MINISO has successfully entered 100 countries and regions and opened more than 5,000 stores around the world, covering the core business districts of world-renowned cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Dubai, Sydney, and Istanbul. MINISO will continue creating joyful and high-quality life experiences for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.