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MINISO Online Affiliate Program

MINISO is one of the most favorite brands, with its slogan “Life is for fun”, which runs more than 5,500 stores in over 90 countries and has more than 20 physical stores in Australia since 2013.

MINISO Australia has about 200,000 loyalty members and sells over 5,000,000 products each year. Our mission is to deliver well-made and designed goods to our valued customers. With thousands of selected products, MINISO Australia online store delivers over 100,000 packages to our valued customers located at 2,000 different suburbs around Australia.

To let more people enjoy fun and happy life with us, we sincerely launch the “Online Affiliate Program” in our online store. With thousands of attractive, creative, high-quality products at competitive price, we believe MINISO Australia online store will create joyful and high-quality life for millions of consumers across Australia. We sincerely welcome you to join the program and share love and fun with your families and friends.

Benefits of Joining The Program

Competitive, incentive-based commission structure. Attractive reward for each qualified referral online order. The more sales amount you generated, the higher  commission you get. 

Commission Rates

LevelTotal Referred Amount (AUD)Commission Rate

· Exclusive Registration Coupon
Each registered affiliate (single person, organisation or company) can get a coupon of AUD 10.00 and enjoy it in first website order.

When you complete the registration of affiliate program, system will automatically send an email with the coupon code to your registered email address.

The denomination of the coupon is AUD 10.00, and only for order in MINISO Australia online store ( When you order more than AUD 50.00 (subtotal amount) , system will automatically deduct the denomination from the amount. The expiration date of the coupon code is 60 days.

How to Be an Online Affiliate

Step 1

Click the link to begin the enrollment process.

Step 2

Fill out the “Create Account” form (Please input your correct information)

Step 3

Check your registration email to verify your affiliate account.

Step 4

Set up your payment mode in the setting of the affiliate platform.

Step 5

Copy the Referral Link.

Step 6

Share the Referral Link on your blog, website or social-media page,.etc.

* Registration name, email and phone number must be the same as the one you used for registering our membership or placing order.

Step 1: Click the link below to begin the enrollment process.
Step 2: Fill out the “Create Account” form (friendly reminder: Please input your correct information).
Step 3: Check your registration email to verify your affiliate account.
Step 4: Set up your payment mode in the setting of the affiliate platform.
Step 5: Copy the Referral Link.
Step 6: Share the Referral Link on your blog, website or social-media page,.etc.

Terms and Conditions

MINISO AU Online Affiliate Program Agreement Updated: January, 2023

  • Applying for our Online Affiliate Program
    To become an affiliate, you need to complete and submit the online application form. You must provide your name, a valid and reachable email address and other information required to complete the registration process.
  • Qualified Referral Online Order
     “Qualified Referred Online Order” does not include any of the following:

    i. Online order from a referred customer more than 30 days after clicking through your Referral Link which is published on all your referral channels.

    ii. Online order that MINISO Australia online store suspects, is the result of fraud, which shall include but is not limited to, the use of software that generates real and fictitious information, multiple accounts from the same customer or your registered account.

    iii. Online order from referred customer that is canceled or refunded after completing the purchase within 30 days.
  • Commission Payment
    Affiliate is required to set up the payment form/type in Affiliate Platform for receiving payment. You can update or change your desired payment method at any time by updating your affiliate profile located in the affiliate platform.

    Our system will calculate the commission fee based on your monthly qualified referral order. The commission fee will be paid to your account which is set in the affiliate platform within 30 days after the end of each calendar month.
  • Expiry Date of The Registration Coupon
    The coupon is valid for 60 days after the coupon code is delivered to your email.
  • Modification and Termination
     Registered affiliate can terminate the referral right by sending an application email to our customer support. MINISO Australia online store reserves the right to terminate your qualification on the Affiliate Program if any violation or fraud is detected by our system.

    We may modify any of the terms and conditions in this document at any time on behalf of our valued customer.
  • Miscellaneous
    All terms above will be effective when you successfully registered as an affiliate and will end until you leave the program.
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