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Top 6 Yellow MINISO Accessories To Buy

Top 6 Yellow MINISO Accessories To Buy

Summer is almost here and we fancy anything that bright and vibrant. Yellow is one of the hottest colours for summer. It reminds us of the sun, lemons and of course, mouth-watering desserts! At Miniso Australia, we've also come up with our favourite yellow items. Here's our list.

1. MINISO AU Cat's Claw Silicone Facial Cleanser 

The sun can be harsh on our skin and stronger and more effective skincare routine to fight the sun's damage. Dirt and dust can cause acne so we need a deep facial cleanser that's gentle on our skin but tough on blemishes. Miniso's Cat's Claw Silicone Facial Cleanser helps remove facial problems like blackheads, scar, acne, oily skin and clogged pores.

It's capable of lifting away impurities from your pores so you'll have smoother and cleaner skin. An all-in-one facial care system that revitalises your skin. It's also easy to use. If you have problems with hard-to-remove make-up, the brush heads will do great in removing it effectively.

2. MINISO AU Classic Alarm Clock For Bedroom and Home Decoration

You'll wake up to a sunny and bright morning with Miniso's classic alarm clock. It features metal ears and has a loud alarm too. This alarm clock protects you from radiation and it only requires an eco-friendly battery. It's the alarm clock you need to be awake in the morning.

3. MINISO AU Minions Collection Square Mouse Pad For Home or Office

Need a mousepad that's cute and stylish? Here's Minions collection square mouse pad for your home or office. This is an officially licensed designed that's good looking and has steady texture and smooth surface so your mouse will glide consistently. 


4. MINISO AU Minions Collection Four Seasons Embroidered Slippers

 A pair of embroidered slippers from the Minions Collection is made of 100% polyester. It's cute and comfy and can be worn inside your home. The fun and stylish design is perfect for summer. 

5. MINISO AU Tom & Jerry I love Cheese Collection Foldable Vanity Mirror

Store your make up must-haves in a practical and cute vanity mirror. It has a high clarity surface and has great organising capability. Its slim and lightweight design allows you to carry the vanity around whenever you travel. It fits perfectly inside your backpack, luggage or locker. It's also clear and large enough so you can see your entire face without any distortion.

Rustproof and made of stainless steel, this vanity mirror is made with superb craftsmanship. It also comes with an adjustable stand so you can adjust it to the angle you prefer leaving your hands free when applying your makeup. 

6. MINISO AU Refreshing Yello Backpack Travel Backpack School Bag

This fashionable and practical backpack is ideal for school, business and travel. It's light and convenient enough to carry. Made of reinforced fabric, the backpack has a load-bearing capacity and equipped with sturdy zipper. You can also put your stuff inside this bag because of its spacious capacity. 

Shop more yellow items this summer at Miniso. In-store and online!


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