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Let's Join Hands With Miniso In Spreading Peace And Love

Let's Join Hands With Miniso In Spreading Peace And Love

The first quarter of 2022 is almost reaching to an end and oh boy, it's been a rollercoaster ride. We've been receiving both good news and bad news, but this month has been overwhelming for all of us because of the rift between Russia and Ukraine. While these two countries are fighting, the whole world is affected and just like the pandemic, it has brought panic to all of us.

Adults and children alike, even our furry friends, in Russia and Ukraine are doing all they can to survive the war.The faraway conflict has affected people globally putting higher pressure on everyone. Higher prices at the pump, higher energy bills and so much more. Now, the cost of going to work is getting more expensive than ever.

If we're going to take a look at energy bills, we'll realise that it's indeed frightening. All of us are struggling to keep the costs down but with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, we'll be beholden to these prices. While some countries are not actually buying much gas and oil from Russia, the increase is still unstoppable.

With Russia's strategic setbacks, the indiscriminate and brutal war has been exacerbated making the calamitous warfare a serious global matter. The United Nations has tallied 2,149 civilian casualties including 816 killed. Although humanitarian groups are doing their best to reach civilians that have been left behind, the fighting makes it difficult to deliver the much-needed aid.

Even vulnerable people cannot easily flee because of limited movement due to disabilities and age. While millions of Ukranians have already escaped to neighboring countries like Moldova, Romania and Poland, the effects of war are hiding in plain sight.It's sad because after we have surpassed the trials brought about by the pandemic, we are now at the mercy of Russia versus Ukraine war.

The disarray while only between these countries are spreading hate, so fast that the world is losing every bit of hope, but if we don't allow hate to foster, together, we can promote peace and love.

1. Celebrate successes in a non-violent way.
2. Continue to see the good in everything.
3. Smile at people and say "hello."
4. Be kind to everyone. There's so much hate in this world.
5. When you're angry, count to ten before you say anything.
6. Choose people who bring out the best in you. Avoid negativity.
7. Stay away from violence. Make it a personal commitment.
8. Speak out against discrimination, prejudice
9. Set a good example to children. Show them how to be kind to vulnerable people like the homeless, those with cognitive or physical disabilities and older people.
10. Share this list with others.

Positive quotes are meant to motivate and express wisdom. They also inspire and make us happy. Reading them is tantamount to eating your favourite food like a slice of chocolate cake or icecream.

Positive quotes, in unprecedented times, can create hope and optimism.

Spread peace & love. Download Miniso Australia's positive quotes here.

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