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How To Make Your Home Clean And Fresh

How To Make Your Home Clean And Fresh

Cleaning your house isn't enough to make sure that it leaves a fresh scent. Odours coming from your overflowing trash can, pet mess, or even shoe collection can give you a hard time freshening up your home. So how do you deodorise your home on a daily basis? Here are five techniques you can try.

Clean your trash can.

Make it a habit to check your garbage disposal and trash can because the unpleasant smell might be coming from these areas. If there's a lingering stink in your kitchen, food particles might be the culprit. You may get rid of the odour with a spritz of lemon-scented dish soap. Run the water then turn the garbage disposal on. Lime rinds are also effective in removing the smell. For stubborn smell, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the garbage disposal. Make sure to run warm water as well.

Replace carpets and rugs.

Hardwood and tile floors can be easily cleaned but carpets absorb stench from pet messes and food spills. Sprinkling baking soda usually does the trick but if the problem persists, you will need to replace your rugs and carpets so it will smell fresh and clean again.

Scatter candles throughout the house.

Fill your home with candles so your fabrics and linen can absorb the scent. Every time to open the door, your home will smell great as your linens carry the aroma all throughout the house. Of course, strategic placement is also necessary so you can make the most out of your scented candles.

Deodorise air vents.

Another method that can freshen up your room is clipping a car deodoriser to the metal slats of your vent. When the air blow through, the scent will also fill the entire room.

Keeping your room clean doesn't have to be a tedious task. With regular maintenance, you can have a a pleasant smelling living space. MINISO Australia also provides you with a wide range of products to keep your whole house fresh and clean.
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