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MINISO AU Skin Charm Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set of 5

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Designed for makeup beginners and enthusiasts, MINISO 5PCS Skin Charm Brush is made of high-density synthetic fibre, bringing incredible soft touch and feeling. This high quality set of brushes bring you outstanding soft touch.Made of high quality arificial fibre, its skin friendly including sensitive skin. So you can enjoy your beauty makeup process without worrying allergy. With outstanding performance on coloring, blending, and contouring, it's an perfect option for home and professional use. It will show you seamless beautiful look & elite experience.

1.Blush Brush:Suitable for powder and loose powder, to create a dimensional makeup.
2.Eyeshadow Brush:Use with eyeshadow to create a bright and stunning eye makeup.
3.Lip Brush:Use with concealer to conceal minor flaws.
4.Sponge stick:create perfect eyeliner and eyeshadow.
5.Eyebrow comb:For sorting eyebrow and removing excessive mascara on the brows

Please maintain this product regularly 1.Soak the bristles in the detergent(or mixture of tepid water and shampoo), and clean along the bristles, then rinse with clean water.2.Do not clean against the bristles.3.After cleaning, please press gently the bristles with tissue or cotton pad to discharge water, and be careful not to twist the bristles.4.Leave the bristles to air dry, do not expose to sunlight or dry with hair dryer.

Please store in a dry place with room temperature. Avoid direct sunshine

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