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MINISO AU Mini Sports Rose Red Yoga Massage Ball for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy

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Miniso's Yoga Massage Ball. To accompany you in running, fitness and exercise.
Witness the results of your exercise.

Product Feature:
1.Best device for self massage - Pamper yourself the well deserved massage without anyone¡¯s help! Simply use these rollers to apply pressure around sore and stress strained muscle, trigger points and witness the progressive effect they can offer.
2.Let¡¯s roll it out ¨C Whether you are undergoing occupational physical therapy, workout fitness exercise everyday as an athlete, or just an average user who simply wants to get rid of fatigue after a long day, these rollers are your best gift. Same hardness for all colors
3.Ball massager that allows full control of pressure to target specific pain areas in the body

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Color: Rose Red