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MINISO AU Mickey Mouse Collection PET Travel Bottle-Spray 50ml Travel Container Toiletry

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MINISO x Disney Travel Bottle. Refillable bottles with modern design to make trips convenient and enjoyable.Travel with your furry friends without worries with these leak proof travel bottle spray. Ideal for your pet's grooming liquids.

Product Feature:
1. High-Quality Pump Bottle and separating flask with Cap. BPA Free Leak Proof.
2. Refillable Pump Bottles-Perfect for storing skincare
3. Versatile Clear Bottle¡§CA travel-friendly capacity of 50ml, it is lightweight to carry in your luggage.
4. Easy Squeeze CIt allows you to spray liquid economically with an ergonomic mist sprayer.
5. Secure-No Leaking, No Clogging, and No Odor.

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