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Love & Wish, 2gether We Go!

MINISO BUS Global Wishing Tour

The day with the most “2” before the year of 2222


A day that does not belong to any country or any religion A day that both normal and special with the most “2”.

MINISO wants to bring love, hope and wish to global MINISO fans. So we create a global action with special ritual in a special time let the number “22” becomes a unique symbol for the brand.

100% handmade soap bar

❤Ritual One

Meet with you at the
#22 Bus Station

Pop up #22 Bus Stations appeal in MINISO stores in different cities

Departs from here, MINISO bus brings love, hope and wish to people all around the world.

❤Ritual Two

Make a wish with
 #22 wish ticket

The #22 MINISO Bus Ticket is also a wish card

During the campaign period, every purchases of a MINISO plush toy, MINISO fans will be given a #22 wish ticket to write down their wish to get the dream come true.

100% handmade soap bar

❤Ritual Three

Carry all the wishes in
#22 MINISO wish bus

After writing down wishes, wish tickets will be put into wish box @ MINISO wish bus The #22 MINISO wish bus will carry all wishes from MINISO fans, all the way forward to the next stop.

❤Ritual Four

Collect wishes from
#22 MINISO BUS Global
Wishing Trip

With the mission to collect wishes across different languages, races, religions, skin colors, MINISO bus start to travel around Mexico, USA, the UK, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and other countries around the world.

100% handmade soap bar

❤Ritual Five

Collect more wishes from
#22 in-store wish boxes (for non-travel countries)

Set up #22 wish boxes in all MINISO stores to collect more wishes.
During the campaign period, every purchases of a MINISO plush toy, MINISO fans will be given a #22 wish ticket to write down one wish and put in to the wish box.

❤Ritual Six

Come true all the wishes
#22 Ceremony

After the wish collecting MINISO Bus arrive the final station to take a wish for all MINISO fans with a grand ceremony.

*AND, MINISO will draw lucky ones to make their wishes come true!

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