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Why Retail Therapy Makes Us Feel Better?

Why Retail Therapy Makes Us Feel Better?

Whenever  we feel like taking a breather, we turn to retail therapy as a form of relief. We always have that one or two favourite stores where we release our stress by means of...yep you guessed it-shopping! There's no other way to get rid of any negative feelings but to swipe our credit cards and shop as we please. But how common is retail therapy?

Retail therapy or others would refer to as compulsive shopping is a more common practice than people realise. Studies have also found that younger women or the ones in their late teens are more prone to retail therapy.

What makes shopping more enjoyable when we're stressed?

We shop differently when we're under stressed. Some crave sweets because of their positive effects on our lives, but others have stronger impulses that no amount of food can suffice. Shopping becomes a mood booster and survey revealed that 82% of shoppers have positive feelings about their purchases.

However too much shopping can also be bad, especially when it reaches to a point where shoppers experience extreme levels of frustration, anxiety and debt, especially if we could no longer control our impulse.

The good news is that there are healthier alternatives to retail therapy.

Spends Less: We understand that sometimes, we can't help but buy stuff on a whim. If we find ourselves overindulging in online shopping, let's pause and think of the implications of overspending. Shopping can also be a form of addiction and unless we do something about it, the urge to shop won't stop. While it's tempting to shop, we should consider distracting ourselves and should not discount compulsive shopping as an escape.

De-clutter: There's nothing wrong with buying new stuff, but it might also be helpful if we rechannel our negative feelings through re-organising our closets so we can gain peace of mind.

Cultivate a sense of gratitude: Reducing the desire for more stuff can be achieved when we count our blessings. Write about things you appreciate each day. The next time you feel like making a new purchase, reduce your cravings by participating in activities that will fill you emotionally.

It's also a good idea to talk to a professional if your shopping spins out of control.

Rewarding yourself isn't a bad thing. You can always shop at MINISO to feel better. But of course, do it with caution, we know how addictive it is to shop at MINISO Australia stores so always control yourself.
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