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Why Is Lotso Immensely Popular?

Why Is Lotso Immensely Popular?

We may have known Lotso as the antagonist in the best-selling Disney Pixar film Toy Story, but this adorable pink, strawberry scented bear has a lot of love to give. He may have ruled the Sunnyside Daycare because of his strong personality and manipulative character, but let's not forget that he was once adored by his original owner, Daisy. Lotso is a beloved character before he became a villain. He was given to Daisy as a gift and from then on, this cute bear became her favourite toy.

Lotso love every minute he spends with Daisy. They were inseparable and it only goes to show that their friendship is bound to last. Unfortunately, things changed when Daisy and her parents move out of the house. Apart from Lotso, Daisy also had a baby doll named Big Baby and a clown named Chuckles. Daisy unintentionally left these three toys behind when she fell asleep and her parents had to take her back into the car. The three patiently waited for Daisy to return, but it didn't happen. Lotso refused to give up so he convinced Big Baby and Chuckles to find Daisy.

To their surprise, Daisy already had a new teddy bear and it seriously broke Lotso's heart. While he turned into an antagonist because of he thought Daisy betrayed him, Lotso is actually a popular character all over the world. While the latter part of Toy Story 3 turned Lotso into a villain, he as a welcoming, caring and friendly teddy bear. With his soft heart and good qualities, it's no surprise that adult and kids alike love him. There are many reasons Lotso became very popular.

1. A tragic backstory

Lotso may be known as the bad guy in Toy Story 3 but he was once Daisy's most favourite toy. She loved him so much that she had her name embroidered on Lotso's foot. Wherever she went, Daisy made sure that Lotso was there as well. While it seemed that Lotso was abandoned, it wasn't Daisy's fault.

Despite all his efforts to find his original owner, he felt betrayed when he discovered that Daisy found a new teddy bear. It made him upset and turned him ito a villain.

2. Nobody knows what his fate is

While he might be a villain in the story, his fate is still unknown. If we could still vividly remember, he was tied to the front of a truck grill, but we don't know what was going to happen after that scene. Did he escape? Was he and Daisy able to reunite? There were some fan fictions that told a different story about Lotso and that he was able to redeem himself.

3. He was not as evil as everyone perceived him to be

Lotso wasn't pure evil to begin with. In fact, he was once a sweet, cuddly and adorable teddy bear. While his deceiving character made him the villain throughout the story when he dominated everyone in Sunnyside Daycare, there was something in him that made him Daisy adorable teddy bear. It remained in him despite the manipulative demeanor that he showed.

4. He's cute and cuddly

Let's admit it, Lotso may be conniving but, we all love his sweet scent. He wasn't born evil and he only became a villain because of the circumstances he had been into. He had a hard life, but if he and Daisy didn't get separated from each other, things would have turned out differently.

Lotso's charm will steal your hearts. He's now available along with the rest of the Toy Story characters at MINISO Australia: instores and online

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