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What's In Your Beauty Bag? Must-Have Beauty Items You Shouldn't Be Caught Without

What's In Your Beauty Bag? Must-Have Beauty Items You Shouldn't Be Caught Without

For women on the go, forgetting beauty and skincare routines every once in a while is inevitable. The only time you'll realised that you forgot to put your make up on is when you're already in the office. Yikes! If you have a make-up kit handy, you can still apply your make up anytime, anywhere. So if you want to make sure you still look good and presentable no matter how busy you are, get these MINISO AU's beauty must-haves.

1. MINISO AU 180 pcs Square Facial Cotton Pads Makeup Remover Pads


Daily commute can take a toll on your skin, especially your face. You'll experience that yucky and itchy feeling when your make-up mixes with dirt and dust. MINISO AU's facial cotton pads will save the day. It's ultra-absorbent and water-saving so you stay fresh no matter the time of the day. It's made for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

2. MINISO AU Eye Vibration Rod Eye Facial Massager

Puffy eyes? Do you look and feel tired because of your under-eye bags? Not to worry. An eye vibration rod eye facial massager is all you need to get rid of dark circles, swelling, fine lines and puffiness so you'll look young and fresh all day long. The eye massager has an adjustable warm setting so you'll get enough heat to open your pores and to promote fast absorption of eye essence. 

3. MINISO AU Flawless Baked Blusher

We all hate to look pale while in the middle of a presentation. It's always nice to feel prepared by looking good and feeling good. Get rid of your pale skin and add some glow with flawless baked blusher. It's easy to apply and it leaves a beautiful matte. Its shimmery shades are suitable to every skin tone. If you want that perfect cheeky pop, make this blusher an essential part of your beauty routine. 

4. MINISO AU Tea Tree Toner


Your beauty routine isn't enough because you also have to take care of your skin by making sure it's fully moisturised. We know you hate having oily skin, it's something we really hate too! That's why a tea tree toner is always in our beauty bag to keep oil under control while our skin feels moisturised and smooth. 

5. MINISO AU Vitamin Series Serum

Don't we all wish we can get a hold of a skincare product that can moisturise, brighten and soften our skin at the same time? MINISO AU just got the right product for all of us. The vitamin series serum that contains vitamin C and AHA. This formula inhibits melanin production, minimises pores, repairs damaged skin and promotes skin cell regeneration. 

Be confident the moment you step outside with these beauty must-haves. With these skin and beauty savers, you can always look good whenever, wherever.

Get these great beauty and skincare items only at MINISO Australia: in-stores and online.

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