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Top 8 Super Stylish Items To Snag At Miniso Australia For Summer

Top 8 Super Stylish Items To Snag At Miniso Australia For Summer

With summer just around the corner, you can now see the beautiful sun playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. When it's hot outside, going to the beach or visiting theme parks is the way to go. Don't forget that having fun in the sun should also include keeping your body protected from the sun's harmful and of course, stay relaxed while waiting to get to your destination. Miniso Australia will give you top 8 stylish items to purchase this summer.


1. MINISO AU We Bare Bears Mini Fan

The heat of the sun can ruin all the fun but thanks to Miniso Australia's We Bare Bears' mini fan, you can enjoy the summer without the sticky and sweaty feel. This portable fan is operated by one button. It's cute and stylish with large capacity batteries so you can use it longer. It can be a handheld or desk fan.

2. MINISO AU We Bare Bears Round Storage Earphones

Nothing is more relaxing than listening to your favourite song. When you're riding a bus or an airplane, it feels good when there's a good song you can dance to. This We Bare Bears earphones with round storage will give you the best listening experience. It has an adorable look too.

3. MINISO AU We Bare Bears Backpack For Kids

Preparing for an exciting trip to an amusement park? Don't forget to bring something for your little ones. What better way to carry their sweet treats than putting them in We Bare Bears backpack. It has durable strap handles that soft to provide comfort to kids and tough enough to carry the weight around.

4. MINISO AU Minions Collection Silicone Double-Side Bucket Hat

Squinting because of the harsh heat of the sun? Go outside without a thing to worry about with Minion Silicone Double-sided Bucket hat. It's easy to pack and can be rolled into a bag or pocket when not in use. It complements your summer outfit well.

5. MINISO AU Minions Collection Crossbody Bag with Face Figure

When it's Minions, expect it to be cute and adorable. This crossbody bag never disappoints. It has an adjustable strap so you can use it with length you desire. It perfect for storing your make-up essentials, phone, power bank and facial tissues. The bag also has a large capacity.

6. MINISO AU Coca Cola 720ml Large Straw Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style all day long with Miniso Australia's large straw water bottle. Make your drink on the go more stylish  and stay hydrated all day long with Coca-Cola drinking bottle with straw. It's a great companion when you go out, because it doesn't spill. Drinking fluid has never been this stylish.

7. MINISO AU Coca-Cola Letter Print Phone Pouch

Need a phone pouch that's both stylish and functional? Miniso Australia's Coca-Cola collection has it all. A classic red and white bag to set your everyday mood. It's printed with letters so retain that classic Coca-Cola look.

8. MINISO AU Mickey Mouse Collection Classic Embroidered Baseball Cap Dad Hat for Man and Women

Who's not scared of harmful UV rays? All of us want to have a little R&R without the scorching heat of the sun interrupting the fun so this baseball cap with fun and youthful design should be a summer must-have. Not only is the baseball cap fashionable but comfortable as well. It's made of superior fabric with innovative sizing and design.

Summer should be a perfect season to spend some quality time with your family and friends but don't forget to bring some form of protection and element of entertainment as well. With Miniso Australia, you can choose from a cool range of products made for all fashion forward youth of today.

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