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Top 6 Hair Accessories To Make Your Crowning Glory More Manageable

Top 6 Hair Accessories To Make Your Crowning Glory More Manageable

Winter or summer, windy or hot, the changing weather and climate can do a serious damage to our hair. As much as we want to achieve gorgeous, shiny hair, the uncooperative weather can ruin the mood. The good news is that we can still do something to make our hair more manageable. Here's our top 7 Miniso Australia hair accessories to tame your hair.

1. MINISO AU Mickey Mouse Collection Classic Embroidered Baseball Cap Dad Hat for Man and Women

Tying back your hair in a ponytail might not be enough to ensure your hair stays in place. A baseball cap is what you need so you can enjoy any outdoor activities without worrying about the damage that the sun can do to your hair. This Mickey Mouse baseball cap has a practical design and made of breathable materials. It provides sun protection from harmful UV rays and keeps your hair out of your face. It's suitable for running, fishing, walking and even hitch-hike travel.

2. MINISO AU 3pcs Black Vertical Striped Series Rubber Hair Band for Womens Girls Hair Braids

Rubber hair band is an essential accessory for every woman, but not all hair bands are created equal. If you ant a hair band that won't damage your hair, Miniso Australia's rubber hair band is ideal for you. It's non-damaging and great for working out. This everyday hair accessory is also perfect for all occasions. It's great for women and girls too.

3. MINISO AU Flowers Series Comb Set for All Hair Types & Styles

Keeping your hair shiny requires TLC. If you want a reliable haircare companion, Miniso Australia's Flowers Series comb set is all you need. It's perfect for all hair types and styles. It's also designed for all hair lengths. The set includes 12 combs so you can make your hair tangle-free no matter the weather.

4. MINISO AU Red Duck Bill Hair Clip with Dotted Bowknot for Women Girls Kids Hair Braids

We all hate messy hair days but Miniso Australia hair clips will save the day. It's sturdy enough to hold your hair when blow-drying, cutting or styling. The comfortable grip also ensures that your hair stays in place no matter the movement. Its handy size makes this hairclip more convenient to use. You can use it while washing your face, wearing mask or applying makeup. Made of high-quality materials, the hair clip can be washed and cleaned without fading.

5. MINISO AU Multifunctional Chargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer

This multifunctional chargeable hair clipper and trimmer contains 2 limit combs so you can style your hair anyway you like. The clipper works efficiently especially in keeping your hair at manageable length.

6. MINISO AU Minions Collection Portable Paddle Brush

This cute portable paddle brush massages your scalp to promote healthy and shiny hair. The lovely cartoon design makes this brush ultra youthful and fun. It's also convenient to use so you can take anywhere you go.

Explore more hair accessories at Miniso Australia: in store and online.
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