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Top 10 Must-Have Miniso Australia Products For Your Living Room

Top 10 Must-Have Miniso Australia Products For Your Living Room

Need to spruce up your living room? Miniso Australia gets you covered with these cute and stylish items to give your living room a modern touch.

1. MINISO AU Suede Fabric Square Storage Stool 33cm

If you're a minimalist type of person and you want a storage and stool rolled into want to save space, this ultra cute storage stool is the perfect option for you. It's made of polyester fibre, non-woven fabric and density fiberboard. It's perfect for storing your magazines or books. A double-purpose stool that compliments any living room decor.

2. MINISO AU 30x50cm Sweet Home Throw Pillow

Give your home a relaxing atmosphere with this throw pillow made of 94% polyester and 6% elastane. It's soft and comfortable, this throw pillow is practicala and decorative.

3. MINISO AU We Bare Bears Alarm Clock Desk Clocks

Want to add fun to your existing living room setup? Why not place a We Bare Bears alarm desk clock that's casual, simple, water-resistant and fall-resistant. It has the perfect size it can fit effortlessly into any decor of your living room.

4. MINISO AU LED Table Lamp Reading Lamp For Home and Office

A lamp is also a living room staple. While not all lamps are created equal, Miniso Australia has something that will complement the mood of your living room. This adjustable two-color light lamp saves energy but can also provide sustainable lighting. It can light a living space for 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the light mode you choose.

5. MINISO AU Braided Check Rectangular Storage Basket with Handles

Tired of seeing things lying around? This storage basket will do the trick. It's strong and durable to hold more items in your living room. The storage box is washable as well when it gets dirty. You can store your magazines, art & craft supplies and even toys.

6. MINISO AU LED Reading Lamp With Clip For Home and Office


A fashionable lamp that you can clip at the pedestal is all you need to give your living room sleek and modern touch. It has an adjustable soft tube and tight hardware clip to hold the lamp in place. This lamp is also maintenance free and an energy-saver.

7. MINISO AU Aroma Diffuser For Bedroom and Office

Create a relaxing ambiance in your living room With Miniso Australia's Aroma Diffuser. It has a warm lighting atmosphere effect, two-mist mode adjustable design and ergonomic design to fit in a small space.

8. MINISO AU Rainforest Series Zebra Plushed Waist Pillow Green, Relieving Lower Back Pain


Need a quick restful nap after a tiring day at work? This pillow is an ideal option for you. It's made of premium quality materials and made for living rooms, bedrooms and offices. It also has a good decorative effect and healing embrace.

9. MINISO AU Round Print Trash Can Rubbish Bin

Keeping your living room spic and span is essential and you need a reliable rubbish bin for that. This bin neutralises trash odour for your living room to stay fresh. Made of non-toxic and durable materials, this trash bin can make your room trash-free. Ideal for living room, kitchen and bedroom.

10. MINISO AU LED Desk Lamp with Fan for Home Office

This easy and intelligent touch control lamp has high energy density and can also be recharged so you can use it anytime you like. It's made of durable ABS materials and built to last. It's a simple but functional home decor you can place on your desk.

These awesome products are available only at Miniso Australia stores and online shop

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