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The Wishing Tour Finally Comes To An End: Here Are The Lucky Winners

The Wishing Tour Finally Comes To An End: Here Are The Lucky Winners

Last February 22, MINISO launched one of the biggest events of year: Love 2Gether Wishing Tour. The event was an opportunity for all MINISO lovers to make a wish via the wishing ticket. The tour involved various rituals where #22 bus station will make a quick trip around designated areas. Love2Gether is a global event, highly anticipated by those who want to make their wish to come true.

All wishes were collected on ritual five and on ritual six, #22 was held and all wishes were collected. The grand ceremony announced the winners who will make their dreams and wishes come true.

The Lucky Winners Of The Global Wishing Tour

We would like to congratulate the winners for the wishing tour. Congrats to Kim and Janet from Australia on becoming our lucky winners. We'll be getting in touch with you and fulfill your wishes.

We also like to express our sincerest gratitude to those who took the time to participate in this event. Your undying support is highly appreciated. Thanks for being a loyal and supportive customers of MINISO. Please continue to visit our page for more updates on our upcoming events.

Bring more fun and colours to your life. Visit for more of our great products and surprises. Don't forget to follow @minisoaustralia on Facebook and Instagram. 



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