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Smart Tips For Packing The Perfect Picnic

Smart Tips For Packing The Perfect Picnic

The pandemic has left us with no choice but to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus and with things slowly getting back to normal, many of us are planning to get our much needed relaxation. One of the best ideas to make the most out of venturing into the outdoors is having a fun picnic with family.

A hearty sandwich sandwich, sweet fruits and ice-cold beverage and we're good to go. But to make sure that everything goes as planned, here are some tips for packing the perfect picnic.

Choose the right picnic equipment

Before we get too excited about going on a picnic, let's also not forget about picnic the best kit so we prevent any leaks or spills. Nothing can be more disappointing than spilled food and drinks all over the picnic basket. When packing food, be sure the food container is shut tight.

If you have any pungent items, wrap them in a plastic bag. Plastic bottles or cups are also great to use for little ones. If you intend to bring wine, pack a lightweight tray as well where you can perch your glasses when pouring wine.

Ensure food safety

Picnics should be a fun activity, but spoiled food can ruin the fun so food safety should also be a priority. Ice packs and cold boxes are important so your items like fish, dairy dishes or meat pies will taste the same, especially if you'll be traveling for hours.

Keeping all your food items as long as possible reduces the risk of throwing out anything that no longer tastes good. You'll also need to carry some antibacterial gel or hand wipes so all hands are clean before eating. For salads and sandwiches that become soggy, store away components like fillings, dressings and other extras in separate containers.

Choose the picnic centrepiece

A picnic will not be complete without the centrepiece so prepare your main dish ahead. You can opt for rainbow picnic pie, or better yet, chicken, ham and asparagus picnic pie. Everyone will be requesting for second slices for sure.

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