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Simple Skincare Hacks That Make Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

Simple Skincare Hacks That Make Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

We've been told time and again that beauty is skin deep, but wouldn't it be nice if we also look good on the outside? With pollution hastening the signs of aging, we need ample protection so our skin stays young. If you love make up, you might think that those layers of foundation will do the trick, but what if you go to bed? Do you still care about your skin? If your forgot to remove your makeup, dirt and bacteria will build up causing acne to develop. Yikes! Here are some simple beauty hacks that will solve your skincare woes.

1. Mix tinted moisturiser with your foundation

Do you ever find yourself forking out a few bucks for separate products? Why not mix equal parts of your daily moisturiser and foundation. You'll love the results.

2. Add faceoil to your foundation.

Tired of flaky spot or patchy skin? The solution? A few drops of fail oil to your foundation. The oil will act as a primer that allows your foundation to glide easily for better coverage. You can also try it as part of your all-out nightly moisturising routine.

3. Apply undereye concealer for better coverage

Instead of applying concealer the traditional way, create a triangle so you can create a light arrow that will draw attention to your eyes' brightest part.

4. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush before applying gloss or lipstick.

Make it a habit to exfoliate before bed and once done, top with a gloss or hydrating balm so your lips are fully prepped up when you wake up. Exfoliation prevents cracking and dryness, especially during cold temperatures.

5. For a more accurate match, text foundation on your neck

Our arms are much darker than our faces due to sun exposure so if you want a truer match, test foundation on your neck instead.

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