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Prepare For One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year: MINISO's Love 2gether

Prepare For One Of The Biggest Events Of The Year: MINISO's Love 2gether

The number 2 has been of great significance not only in China culture but also in global culture. This number, in China culture, represents "love", "couples", "harmony" and "complete" while in global culture it represents "couple" and "friendship". 

MINISO wants this day to be special so to bring love, hope and wish, we would our global MINISO fans to celebrate this special ritual with us, making the number 22 a unique symbol for our brand. 

Our slogan "Love 2Gether" will include fun activities such as the MINISO Bus Global Wishing Tour. For the first ritual, we will meet you at the #22 bus station. 

Our ritual two will be about making a wish with #22wish ticket. Throughout the campaign period, MINISO fans who buy a MINISO plush toy will get a #22 wish ticket where you can write down your wish for your dreams to come true.

For ritual three, all wishes will be carried in #22 MINISO wish bus to the next stop. For ritual four, wishes will be collected from MINISO bus global wishing tip. The mission is to collect wishes across different languages, races, religions and skin colours. What's even more exciting is that MINISO bus will travel around USA, UK, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and other countries around the world, so be ready to fulfil those wishes.

Ritual five will collect more wishes from #22 in-store wish boxes. MINISO fans who purchase a MINISO plush toy will get the #22 wish ticket. After writing down your wish, you can put the ticket into the wish box. And finally, for ritual six, the #22 Ceremony where all wishes will be collected and the MINISO bus will arrive at the final station. MINISO will announce the lucky winner through a grand ceremony and make wishes come true. 

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