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OMG! I Hate MINISO Because....

OMG! I Hate MINISO Because....

OMG! I Hate Miniso Because....

In a rare interview with a store staff at Miniso Australia outlet, she's given us a rundown of things she didn't like about Miniso. We know you're curious too, so keep on reading...

Question: How long have you been working at Miniso Australia?

Answer: Almost a year and I hate the fact that I'm exposed to a lot of cute items here. I always feel the need to shop. 

Question: Have you encountered a difficult customer?

Answer: Oh, yes! One time, there was a young mum who was trying to choose between a plushie toy and a U-shaped pillow. I gave her my opinion since she couldn't decide for herself at that time. It took her long to decide and she ended up buying both items. Yikes! 

Question: How's it like working with your fellow Miniso staff?

Answer: The worst! How many companies have you come across that value inclusiveness and diversity? I guess you can count them with your fingers right? Well, Miniso is one of those retail stores that value uniqueness. So adding this factor to my hate list is valid.

Question: Would you recommend Miniso to your friends and family?

Answer: High-quality products at a reasonable price, a wide selection of kitchenware, beauty and cosmetics and the cutest plushie toys, why would I recommend them?

Question: What's your advice to those who are planning to shop at Miniso?

Answer: Don't even'll get addicted!         

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