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Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $10

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $10

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and everyone is thinking of the best gift ideas that mums will love. We've listed practical gifts under $10. In case you haven't gone shopping yet for your mums, these gift ideas will save you time thinking what to buy.

1. MINISO AU British Pear Lady Perfume

Mums attend to our needs around the clock and it's only imperative that we show them some love on Mother's Day since it only happens once a year. One of the best ideas you can consider is a fragrant perfume from Miniso Australia. The delicate scent of grapefruit, lychee and apple is perfect for your mum who doesn't like any strong odour.

2. MINISO AU Braided Check Handheld Storage Basket Organizer Bins

One of the joys of being a mum is cooking for kids and when it comes to food shopping, this basket makes the chore more convenient. It's a basket and storage box rolled into one. It's made of strong and durable materials that can carry personal items when mums are doing groceries. It can also be converted into an organiser. Store your magazines, toys, clothes and even arts & crafts supplies. 

3. MINISO AU Contrast Color Silky Smooth Double Layer Bonnet

All mums, after a tiring day, need a goodnight's rest. They have lots of things to deal with the following day. Give mums an uninterrupted sleep with Miniso's double layer bonnet. It has a satin design that gives you a breathable feel. It's also comfortable to wear. 

4. MINISO AU Minimalist Series Flip-flop Cosmetic Bag


Mums also need to be pretty and to keep beauty and skincare products in one place, a flip-flop cosmetic bag is a perfect accessory. The material is light and waterproof. You can also carry it around as it doesn't have a bulky look. Mums can stay beautiful all day long with this cosmetic bag. 

5. MINISO AU 2 Rollers Full Body Massager

Being a mum is a tiring but rewarding job that doesn't require any paycheck. So for a special occasion such as Mother's Day, mums also need to take a break. A full body massager will make the relaxed. It's time to put those aprons down and relax. This full body massager reduces muscle fatigue while giving your body a relaxing feel. 

Make The Occasion Extra Special

Spend a day together with your mum

It's your mum's day so treat her like a queen by spending the entire day doing fun things she always wanted to do. Go for a hike, cook together, or go for a picnic. You can even run a movie marathon or bake some sweet treats. It should be a relaxing day for her.

Give your mum flowers

Another sweet gesture that can make your mum happy is giving hjer flowers. Not only can they brighten up her mood but they can also make her happy. There are lots of beautiful flowers to choose from that will let your mum know how much you truly love and adore her.

Offer breakfast in bed

Everyday, your mum makes sure that there's delicious food on the table everyday. Make Mother's Day all about her by preparing a breakfast in bed. It can put a big smile on her face, especially if you cook her favourite breakfast and leave a sweet note.

Throw a surprise party

With the help of your dad and your siblings, throw a surprise party for your mum. Cooking your mum's favourite cuisine and add some cocktails. She will be thrilled by the effort you put in to make the occasion special and memorable.

Mother's Day calls a grand celebration because our mum is the reason for our existence. She deserves all our respect, attention and love.

For more Mother's Day gift ideas, visit Miniso Australia: in-stores and online!


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