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Miniso Franchise: Miniso’s Global Event To Help People Realise Their Dreams

Miniso Franchise: Miniso’s Global Event To Help People Realise Their Dreams

A few months ago, MINISO held a global event that aimed to make everyone's wishes come true: The Global Wish Tour. It was participated by MINISO fans around the globe. Let's have a quick recap of what have transpired during the event, and of course, get another glimpse of the list of lucky winners. The event kicked off on February 22, 2022. It's a day that doesn't belong to any religion or country. It's also a day that's considered both normal and special because of the most "2".

If we based it on China culture, the number 2 symbolises love or couples. It's also about complete and harmony. The meaning of the number in global culture is friendship or couple or something that stand together. MINISO event picked number 22 because the brand wants to bring love, hope and wish to all MINISO fans. The global action involves special ritual in a special time, so number 22 becomes the brand's unique symbol.

Ritual One

Meet with you at the #22 Bus Station

The first ritual involves the departure of the MINISO bus. It's the ritual where the event formally kicks off.

Ritual Two

This ritual is all about making a wish through a wish card. This will start during the campaign period. For every purchase of a MINISO plush toy, MINISO fans will also be given #22 wish ticket where they can write their wishes down and make their dreams come true.

Ritual Three

After making a wish, all wishes will be carried into the wish box at MINISO wish bus. The #22 MINISO wish bus will also carry all wishes from MINISO fans and will be forwarded to the next stop.

Ritual Four

This is the ritual where wishes are collected. The mission is focused on collecting wishes across different languages, races, religions and skin colors. MINISO bus start to travel around USA, Mexico, the UK, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and other countries around the world.

Ritual Five

MINISO collects more wishes in ritual five. During this campaign period, every purchase of a MINISO plush toy will entitle fans of one #22 wish ticket where they can write down their wishes and put into to the wish box.

Ritual Six

The ritual where all wishes will come true. After collecting all wishes, the MINISO Bus will arrive the final station to gather a for all MINISO fans with a grand ceremony. It's also the ritual where the lucky winners will be chosen.

MINISO would like to thank everyone for making this global event a huge success. It has been an awesome event. We hope, especially for all those that have not been picked, for your wishes to come true. We are looking forward to your participation in our next event. Again, congratulations to the winners. 

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