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Miniso Franchise: Miniso Australia collaborating With Many KOLS

Miniso Franchise: Miniso Australia collaborating With Many KOLS

Influencers endorsing top brands continue to be on the rise. While celebrity endorsements have been as equally powerful as influencer endorsements, influencers have significantly changed the game. One thing that makes influencers stand out is that they're just as relatable as ordinary consumers.

If in the past, people are paying a large sum of money for paid search marketing, today, the use of influencers have sufficed. there are also businesses going the traditional route such as using radio, direct mail pieces and television to send the message across, but not everyone has deep pockets to reach their target audience using this technique.

There are some marketing trends and techniques that yield amazing results with a few bucks to spend and this is the route MINISO has been taking for the past years and it's been getting great results.

Using Influencers In Promoting Products

In a common scenario, consumers are more like to listen to their friend's endorsement of products or services because of established trust. It's like seeing an ad and hearing your closest friend tell about how great a product is. of course, there's more than meets the eye. It's important to create a relationship with influencers because any audience can sense insincerity of an endorsement.

You'll know when an influencer writes a post genuinely compared to someone who was just paid to write the post. The The beauty of using influencers for endorsing products is that it allows you to tap into smaller but more loyal customers who have already established trust and can tell that the product is good.

Well, all of this may sound amazing, but using social influencers to build brand loyalty is easier said than done because there are some factors that have to be taken into consideration. Social media influencers also have to protect their reputation and audience and endorsing brands with poor quality will make their reputation suffer. They have to sincerely love the product so they can build real relationship. This is what made MINISO stand out. They don't only produce stylish products, they also make sure that they're affordable and made of quality materials.

MINISO has 18 branches in New South Wales, Australia, 12 branches in Victoria, 3 branches in Queensland, 1 branch in Western Australia, and 5 stores in New Zealand. With this expansion, more and more influencers are collaborating with MINISO. Dozens of influencers with more than 1 million followers are endorsing MINISO products including plush toys, fashion accessories and beauty products.

The social media influencer campaign has helped MINISO set new goals. Using expertise when the brand reaches out to potential influencers. Influencers who share the values and goals as the brand makes a huge difference. Reach is also an important factor to consider because this is how audience spend its time is determined. It's important to consider the number of followers an influencer has and whether or not they're interacting with these followers.

Demographics is also an important factor because it determines if the influencer has the same buyer persona. Are they interested in MINISO?

All of these can influence MINISO's social influencer marketing strategies. So if you'd like to join us, don't hesitate to reach out. Visit

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