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MINISO Australia's Exciting Offers For Mother's Day

MINISO Australia's Exciting Offers For Mother's Day

Treat your mums this Mother's Day with MINISO Australia's exciting promo. Great discounts and offers await our avid customers on a special day for mums. Lots of awesome deals and discounts on a wide range of products. The more you buy, the more discounts you'll enjoy.

Here's how it works:

1. $30 Mamenchisaurus Plus (RRP$44.99), with $50 spend AND/OR $10 for 4 cosmetic products

2. $10 Camel Plush (RRP$14.99), with $30 spend AND/OR $10 for 4 cosmetic products

3. $10 for 4 cosmetic products, with any spend (see table below - 14 SKUs on offer)

There are three tiers for this Mother's Day offer:

1. $50 spend
2. $30 spend
3. Any spend (no minimum, so every transaction!)


  • Offer 1 & 2 CANNOT be used at the same time, i.e. a customer who spends $50 in store CANNOT buy the $30 dinosaur plush + $10 camel plush
  • However, Offer 3 CAN be used in conjunction with Offer 1 or Offer 2. E.g. customers spend $30 - they can get the $10 camel plush + $10 cosmetic collection; or customer spend $50 - they can get the $30 dinosaur plush + $10 cosmetic collection
  • A customer who spends $50 can opt for the $10 camel plush instead of the $30 mamenchisaurus plush
  • Offer 3 MUST be offered to all customers. Our main objective with this promo is to promote items related to Mother's Day, as well as achieve high sell-through of our cosmetics range.
  • Offer 3: organise sets of 4 cosmetic items from the 14 SKUs listed. Photo of sample set shown below. Please work with your line manager on getting these plastic sleeves for your store.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All items purchased cannot be refunded
  • In special cases, if any refund is to happen, the entire transaction must be recalculated to ensure that the total spend is met. If not, then the offer is void and the discounted item must be brought back and returned.
  • Please HIGHLIGHT on the receipt the item on discount (Mamenchisaurus Plush, Camel Plush & all 4 cosmetic products) - this is for internal reference only, in case a customer does come back with queries/issues
  • For Offer 3 (cosmetic top-up), customers are allowed to choose from the 14 SKUs. However, it is preferred that all stores have pre-packed items ready to go to reduce the amount of time spent at the registers.


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