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Life For Stylish With MINISO Australia's COCA IN This Summer

Life For Stylish With MINISO Australia's COCA IN This Summer

As the soda giant Coca-Cola recently celebrated its 135th anniversary, with a plethora of successes and quantum leaps under their belt, a rare collaboration with MINISO, a Japanese-inspired brand, gave the youth of today something to feel giddy about. Young meets classic. True to their slogan "Taste The Feeling",  signifying diversity no matter your lifestyle and taste, Coca-Cola taps into today's generation to create a fusion with a double dose of delight.

The MINISO X Coca-Cola Collection features vintage, fashionable and functional items to capture the heart of shoppers. From tote bags, mugs to keychain with bottle openers, these novelty pieces are a must-have. 

So strut your trendy stuff and be ready to conquer the virtual runway with MINISO Australia and Coca-Cola's fashion-forward vibe to complete your ensemble. 

Here's the drill: 

Get Ready for an ultimate fashion revolution. Fashionistas Unite! Show off what you got in this one-of-a- kind collaboration that will celebrate self-expression and diversity. 


Shop for your favourite Coca-Cola collection in-store or online and strike a pose to be featured in MINISO Australia's Instagram. Here's a few friendly tips to effortlessly pull a stylish look and get the best Instagram angles.

1. Develop your sense of style

Ever wondered how some people look put together without even trying? While you've been told time and again that confidence is key in creating a fashion statement, developing a sense of style helps you embrace your uniqueness and individuality. So for the Coca-Cola collection, you don't have to be the cookie-cutter version of them girls you see on Instagram. Be a fashion inspo. 

2. Choose colors that make you the happiest.

Coca-Cola's brand colors have always been red and white, the color of happiness for them. Why not kick those color palettes up a notch by figuring out the colors that suit you. There should be that one color that looks good on everyone. 

3. Don't forget the shoes!

Nothing can be more tragic than wearing a tacky or sloppy pair of shoes. Whether you're a sneakerhead or a flip flop chick, you need to up your shoe game and seamlessly come up with an Instagram-ready outfit.

4. Mix and match

You need not buy new clothes to look good. A little mix and match can make wonders. Some basic pieces plus some fashionable items from Coca-Cola Collection and you're all set. 

5. Get something that fits perfectly

You're in for a fashion disaster if you don't pay attention to right sizing. Yep, they matter. First impressions do last so make sure your skirt zips up neatly, your shoe meets the back of your heel and the seam of your shirt hits your shoulder. 

Killer Instagram Poses 

Try these poses for your next IG photoshoot.


Hands in your pockets-nope, not Alanis Morisette's song but a posing idea that makes a world of difference. 

Step and repeat-maybe a remake of the Beatles' Abbey Road shoot but with a twist.

Arms up-a classic but definitely a winner. Put those hands up and strike a pose. 

Power stance-show your confidence with a power stance pose. Straighten your back, your shoulders upright, and then slightly turn to the side. 

Stairs-Sit back and relax. Put your legs apart, allowing your arms to rest on your elbows, while extending the other leg. Ready, set, pose!

Here are some inspirations to get you in the mood to hit that winning pose!

Capture great moments with friends for keeps.

Do you have that swag?Flip your hair and flaunt it!


Cool or sexy? Why not both?!

Grab a sip of ice-cold Coca-Cola and prepare for that glamorous snap.

It’s all in the bag.

Instagram poses that deserve a double tap.

So, grab your camera and snap Instagram-worthy photos. Don’t forget to tag @minisoaustralia. We’re excited to see you take a selfie with one of these Coca-Cola collections. 

Get these Coca-Cola fashion pieces at MINISO Australia. Available in-store and online!

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