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How To Make Your Perfume Last?

How To Make Your Perfume Last?

No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory. 

~Coco Chanel

Any beauty routine won't be complete without applying your perfume. A dab here and a spritz there and you're all set. Applying perfume is easy peasy, right? But surprisingly, there's more than meets the eye. When wearing your fragrances, there are some techniques to make them last longer. So if you want your perfumes to get great to their last drop, here's how you can make the scent last. 

  1. Avoid rubbing perfume into your skin. 

You might have been used to how your mom, grandmom, or even friends apply perfume, but just because everyone's doing it, doesn't mean it's the right way. Rubbing the perfume into your skin will not only make the scent fade easily, but they will also evaporate before the scent settles. 

Perfumes last when you slowly mix them with the natural oils of your skin. With rubbing, you cause friction that can heat up the perfume, causing scents to change. Your pulse points should be your main focus spots when applying perfume. 

  1. Spray perfume onto your pulse points. 

So where are your pulse points? These are your inner elbows, wrist, behind your ear lobe, knees, and belly button. Your skin sits closest to your veins, making you feel your pulse easily. These pulse points are also warm spots that allow your body to emit extra body heat. As a result, the scent is naturally diffused from your skin. When applying perfume to your pulse point, dab or spritz on a few points for the fragrance to linger all day.

  1. Be mindful of where you store your perfume.

Another determining of how long scent will last is where you store your perfume. Your eau de toilette can be your precious gem if stored properly. When you store your perfumes in the bathroom, the scent can be affected by the changing temperature and humidity. Even any form of light, especially sunlight can also breakdown the makeup of your perfume. Store your perfume in a vanity drawer, bedroom dresser, or inside the box your eau de toilette came in. 

  1. Spray, then walk right into it.

Anyone can be lost in someone's sweet and gorgeous perfume cloud. You too can keep your scent pleasant by diffusing it all over. It might be tempting to concentrate in one area but the key here is to enhance the natural scent. Spritzing perfume all over might not do the trick, so try spritz and step. 

  1. Spray perfume to your clothing.

Keep your scent longer lasting by spraying them to your clothes. A word of caution though-some perfumes may stain your clothing so be sure to only apply fragrances that won't cause a stain. You can also spray some perfume in the air and wave your shirt around in it. Your favourite scent will linger wherever you go.

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