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How To Keep Kids Entertained On A Long Journey

How To Keep Kids Entertained On A Long Journey

Traveling is one of the best ways to relax and unwind, but this highly anticipated activity may not go as planned if kids start throwing tantrums. Boredom often make kids throw a fit and this why coming with a form of entertainment on a long journey is an important part of travel planning. Here are some suggestions to ensure you're not turning a fun trip into a nightmare.

Play a favourite game with your kids

Games may not take long hours to play but they can be a good filler to keep kids occupied. Whether it's a board or guessing game, make sure you know the rules of the game. With games, kids won't be thinking how long a journey would take. You'll get to your destination before you know it.

Appreciate things around you

When you travel, you're not only making memories but also teach kids to appreciate everything that nature has to offer. You don't have to wait to reach your holiday destination to start exploring. As soon as you ride the bus, train or plane, teach kids to appreciate nature. You can even stimulate their imagination by letting them guess the shape of clouds.

Tell them a story

If it's really a long journey, you'll need to spend more time making them feel less bored. If you're done playing board games, you can also try telling stories. A story where they can learn a thing or two will divert their attention. Stories also help you to stay connected with your kids.

Give them sticker activity books

There are vinyl stickers you can peel and reapply whenever you want. Kids can stick them to the book while traveling to so they will have something to make travel more fun and far from being boring. If it only takes a few minutes the sticker activity book, you can also try coloring books.

Sing a song

Singing a song with your kids are fun especially if you sing their favourite nursery rhymes with them. Just keep your voice down so as not to disturb other passengers. You can even let kids guess the rest of the lyrics.

When performing fun activities with your kids be sure to keep them short, tidy, interesting and familiar.

Of course, don't forget to have fun!

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