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Here's MINISO's Must-Buy Products In Boxing Day 2021

Here's MINISO's Must-Buy Products In Boxing Day 2021

A few more days to go and it's boxing day-one of the most anticipated sporting events that we can't afford to miss. So to pay tribute to this special event, we're giving you our favorite MINISO items to bring out your athletic side. And since we also can't help overindulging this holiday season, we need something to help us stay motivated so we can get rid of those unwanted pounds. 

MINISO AU Mickey Mouse Collection 2.0 Cartoon Head 5mm Yoga Mat

Stressed at work? Need some time to find your center and relax? This yoga mat is perfect for you to practice pilates or yoga. It's a perfect companion to start your morning right or to cap off your day with some yoga practices. 

MINISO AU Mini Sports Micro Fibre Cooling Towel Soft Breathable Chilly Towel for Yoga, Golf, Gym


After an intense exercise, you deserve to cool down and relax. Sweat can make you look messy so don't get caught with sticky sweat by grabbing yourself a soft breathable towel. It's made with super absorbent material to keep you dry regardless of your activity. Whether you play hiking, swimming, golf, yoga or other physical activities, this towel will keep you cool during your workout sessions. 

MINISO AU Mini Sports Abdominal Wheel Exercise Wheels for Home Gym Fitness

Who says you can't stay fit at home? These exercise wheels will keep those fats at bay. It the ideal equipment you need for your daily routine so you can break a good sweat. These wheels are ideal for your abdominal muscles.

MINISO AU Three-cross Jelly Expander Arm Muscle Exerciser

Keep your arms toned with this jelly expander arm muscle exerciser. If you don't have time to hit the gym, this arm muscle exerciser will get you covered to to keep your upper body firm and toned anytime you won't miss a single workout session. 

MINISO AU MINISO Sports - Yoga Resistance Band for Legs and Butt 

Work on your lower body with these resistance band for legs and butt. It's all you need so you'll have firmer legs and fuller butt. You don't have to go to the gym to get a good workout. This resistance band will be your ultimate workout companion. 

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