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Get more organised in 2022

Get more organised in 2022

Keeping your home and work organised can be such a challenge if you're not used to following a specific routine or system. But as they say, a clutter-free office or home provides a clearer mind. Being more organised is probably one of your New Years resolutions and here are some tips to help you to stay on track with what you've started.

1. Focus on one place

While you need to tackle several areas in your home, starting in one place will help you to get things done and under control. Decide which area you want to start and focus on this area. It might be the area that gives you the biggest headache or the area your guests easily see. Once you select an area to organise, stick to it. Cleaning up can be daunting, but completing one area will make the task less challenging.

2. Give yourself plenty of time

Organising your home doesn't happen overnight. Don't overwhelm yourself. Schedule a few hours each day to start getting the area organised. Whether you want to organise your closet or get your garage back into shape, slow and steady always wins the race.

3. Go through contents

After selecting the area to clean and organise, go through each content. You can hold a garage sale for unused items so they don't go to waste. Always stick to the two-year rule of thumb. If you haven't worn your clothes in two years, then it's time to say goodbye to them. Not only unused items take up valuable space, they also make your room messy.

4. Take inventory

Take at what remains from the extraneous items you've removed. Ask yourself a few questions to stay organised. Does it still make sense to keep those items? Does it belong here? Is there another room where you can keep these items? When tackling a specific area in your home, it's wise to incorporate the mixer into your new storage.

5. Sort by color

Keep your belongings in a colored container. Organise your bills, projects and other important papers and label them by function and color. Colors can enhance your efforts and make things easy to identify.



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