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My dog hold a disinfectant with a sterilization rate of 99.9%? | G-Mist

My dog hold a disinfectant with a sterilization rate of 99.9%? | G-Mist

 G-Mist Does more than just disinfection it protects.

Sanitizers have become a necessity during the global pandemic. It's one thing people cannot live without because of its ability to protect us against deadly coronavirus. Sanitizers are everywhere, from homes, schools, hospitals, it is a daily staple. While disinfectants in the form of bleach and alcohol are also common, they're not safe for skin. Not only can they damage object surfaces, they can also lead to skin allergies, especially if you use them over a long period of time.

So, is there a disinfectant that has a good bactericidal effect and does not harm the skin?

It's coming! G-Mist came into being. For many years, Miniso has been a champion when it comes to producing high-quality but affordable products. G-Mist is another breakthrough

G-Mist: All You Need To Know:

In 2003, there was also an amazing discovery about the effectiveness of G-Mist in fighting SARS-CoV virus. This was announced by Japan's National Infectious Diseases Center. It was also recommended safe to use for homes and offices.

In February 2020, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced hypochlorous acid water is effective in combating coronavirus, prompting medical staff to use it when coming in contact with patients with COVID-like symptoms. Japanese Government, large corporations, medical centers, kitchens and schools are using G-Mist and it was launched in Australia in 2020.

What Makes G-Mist Unique?


A sanitizer won't be effective if it can't kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. G-Mist with its strong but gentle ingredients can sterilize your home to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.


No one can stand unpleasant odors, but you don't have to use chemical-based deodorizers to tackle the problem. G-Mist can decompose odor particles in an instant.

Safe To Use

You will never have to worry about harming your skin because G-Mist is never harmful to your skin, children and even pets. G-Mist uses hypochlorite water, which is a type of disinfectant that has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan for use in various specialized fields.

————G-Mist isn't your conventional Hypochlorite Water because it uses a patented manufacturing method to get rid of impurities without removing its effectiveness. G-Mist was also found to be stable even when it's stored at 40 degree Celsius. Other hypochlorite water is vulnerable to other impurities and UV rays causing them to have reduced effectiveness.

Hypochlorite Water: Why Is It Safe and Effective?

Hypochlorite was first discovered in the 1970s and it is known to be an effective virucide that fights fungi, viruses and bacteria. You can also find the hypochlorite acid in white blood cells of mammals and they're responsible for healing and protection.

Even when you use it on skin, you won't have to worry about irritations because some practitioners also use it as a wound caring solution. There are also recent reports that involved testing and showing how Hypochlorite water is proven to be an effective virucide adding layers of protection against coronavirus.

————Hypochlorite is patented and tested and proven to be a powerful deodorizer and sanitizer thanks to its strong concentration of 50ppm, with pH level of ~5. As for the shelf life, you can continue using G-Mist for up to 5 years without reducing or losing its effectiveness. Some hypochlorite will have reduced effectiveness once it's bottled, but since G-Mist is tested by universities and laboratories, you can be sure that its strength and effectiveness are preserved.

Not only that, it is still outstanding in deodorizing!

Its popularity has been immensely increasing because it can deodorize, sanitize and it contains non-flammable ingredients. When we say deodorize it doesn't merely mask smelly odors, it destroys them.
————The tests and reports that have been conducted were from Kaken Test Center for odour reduction, Shinshu Ceramics Co. Ltd. for bacterial and virus disinfection, Japan Food Research Laboratory for bacteria disinfection and Shoku-Kan-Ken, the Laboratory of Food Environment and Hygiene.

G-Mist is a versatile disinfectant that can be used for:

  • Virus
  • Toilet odor
  • Tobacco odor
  • Pets care and odor
  • Diapers odor and body disinfecting
  • Office, meeting room
  • Medical, social facilities
  • Food outlets, hotels and hostels
  • Animal shelters
  • Kindergarten, schools


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