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Everyone's Obsessed With PenPen Plushies And Here's Why!

Everyone's Obsessed With PenPen Plushies And Here's Why!

PenPen has always been known as an adorable companion. A staple at Miniso because of his irresistible charm. He's been an iconic plushy used all throughout Miniso's campaigns. From the campaign on planting trees up to the most recent event Love2Gether, we just can't get enough of PenPen. we're giving you five reasons people are crazy about PenPen.

#1. He’s undeniably adorable.

The first thing that comes to mind whenever we're talking about Miniso Australia is plushy. All the choices will blow your mind but nothing beats owning a PenPen plush toy. His protruding tummy and sweet smile will convince you that he's the ultimate plush toy everyone should own.

#2. He's an icon

Miniso's campaigns and special events will never be the same without PenPen. So whenever there's an upcoming even, expect PenPen to be there as well. For sure with PenPen around, it will be a successful event without a doubt.

#3 He brings joy

During the plant-a-tree campaign in line with fighting climate change, PenPen was the ambassador that encouraged everyone to save the planet by planting a tree. Why was he chosen to be the ambassador? It's not just his cuteness but also his eagerness to take the lead because climate change has led penguins to be on the brink of extinction.

#4 He's soft and cuddly

Plushies are known to be the best sleep companions especially for children, and PenPen is the perfect example of a plush toy that gives unlimited hugs.

#5 He comforts you

Whenever you're down in the dumps, PenPen will be there to make you feel better. No words, just big sweet hugs. So next time you want a friend who will comfort you, Penpen will always come to the rescue.

Explore PenPen plush toys only at Miniso Australia.

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