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Don't Miss These We Bare Bears Gift 2021 For Christmas

Don't Miss These We Bare Bears Gift 2021 For Christmas

Fans just couldn't wait to rivet to the TV screen whenever their favorite Cartoon Network show is on: We Bare Bears. The funny trio makes afternoons our favorite time of day as we instantly turn into couch potatoes, making sure we were not missing out on a single episode. So if you're wondering how you can relive your childhood and celebrate Christmas to the fullest, We Bare Bears gift 2021 items are your best bet. But before we give you a roundup of Miniso's We Bare Bears collection, let's find out how this ultra popular animated show came to life. 

We Bare Bears-A Celebration of Love and Friendship

The show starts with the song, We'll Be There, and creator Daniel Chong did a wonderful job in integrating true friendship into human society. Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear are a funtastic team that brings laughter and unconditional friendship. 

As the show welcomes its fourth season, Chong has made a quantum leap in his career milestone as they were able to reach more than 100 episodes. We Bare Bears won the hearts of viewers and the unrelenting support became evident when the show was chosen as one of the nominees for the Emmy nomination for short form animated program.

They also bagged the Annie Award, emerging victorious in the animated television for children category. In season 4, Chong takes a different approach on his creation: A baby version of the stackable brothers. 

On Celebrity Cameos and New Episodes

Chong also recalled that over a year ago, T-Pain expressed on Instagram his interest to tattoo Panda on his hand. The post sort of blew Chong away so he thought of shooting him a message on Twitter, asking him if he was down to do a We Bare Bears episode. The rest, as they say, is history.

Leslie Odom Jr. also appeared on the show and it was a musical episode. Chong thought it would be really cool to have someone from Hamilton to guest on their show and Leslie fit the bill.

Bears As Placeholders-The Embodiment of the Human Condition

Animation allows us to take our imaginations to greater heights. Chong used his creativity to his advantage and using bears as placeholders to depict human nature was a perfect idea. They're cute, cuddly and adorable. In a perfect world, they navigate through life and deal with human intricacies in their own special way. 

Adding Cute Asian Pop Culture To The Mix

There's no doubt that anything that's deemed cute strikes a chord of excitement regardless of your taste and preference as long as it's created in an angle perceived to be aesthetically pleasing. Chong integrating Asian pop culture was heavily influenced by his own experience as a child and his crew who basically goes crazy over everything that has to do with Asian pop culture-from anime to Asian name it. 

Hurricane Hal-Emmy-Nominated Episode

Hurricane Hal made its way to the Emmy and its backstory involves two amazing artists Sang Lee and Louie Zong. Before the storytelling on this memorable episode came about, everyone worked hard on the outline, with three pages laying out. The artists and storytellers came together to create a powerful story. 

It was Louie Song that pitched the version and the outcome was really unexpected. Suffice it to say, this episode has lots of ambition. 

Crafting Fresh Stories For Each Season

Creating fresh stories requires everyone to think outside the box, which is, without brainstorming and fusion of creativity, is easier said than done. According to Chong, it can get a little frustrating sometimes because when they realize that they've told the same story in previous episodes, they have to rethink the angle.

The process isn't a walk in the park because it requires more work, but for Chong, his writers are always taking him by surprise. Even story artists are very involved in the whole process that they too pitch their ideas. One of the best things about the show is even though it's episodic, Chong and his staff still provides an element of continuity. That's why those 100 episodes have taken viewers to different places. 

The Baby Bears and their Adventures

The Baby Bears episodes were a breath of fresh air and while it features the baby version of our most beloved bears, the story still focuses on adult bears. The audience liked the idea of going above and beyond in pushing these bears' adventure a little further. Chong also recounted how he loved working with kids as he listened to them record.

Miniso x We Bare Bears Collaboration- The Best We Bare Bears Gift 2021

Get ready to fill the Christmas air with these funny stackable siblings. We just can’t get enough of these tech-savvy brothers so we’re bringing something to cheer you up. Here’s what Miniso has in store for you!

Can’t wait to get your hands on these cute, stylish and adorable items? There are more reasons to love them. Wrap these wonderful presents:

1. We Bare Bears-Lovely Lying Plush Toy

This huggable plushie is all you need this holiday season. If you're thinking of a cute gift for your kids, this is the best gift item to consider. It's soft and cuddly, your little ones will love it.

2. We Bare Bears Facial Brush-Grizz

We Bare Bears isn't just for kids because Miniso also offers something for beauty thingies. Wear your make-up on with this facial brush. It lets you get that full coverage, not missing a single spot.

3. We Bare Bears- Long Transparent Umbrella

You'll never be left out in the cold with an ultra stylish transparent umbrella. Stay safe and dry, let this fun and playful umbrella be your perfect companion this holiday season.

4.We Bare Bears-Air Conditioner Blanket

The cold weather is conducive for curling up in bed with a good book. A nice cup of coffee and an air conditioner blanket will keep you company. The thick but soft materials will make your staycation a memorable one.

5. We Bare Bears-Luggage Tag

All set for the holidays? Pack your bags and enjoy your Christmas vacation. Don't forget to take this luggage tag with you. The last thing you want to experience on a holiday trip is doing an endless search for your lost baggage. Yikes! If you know a friend or a family member who likes to travel, this luggage tag is also a great gift idea.

6. We Bare Bears- Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow

With the demands and distractions of modern living, who has time to get a shuteye? Here's Miniso's U-shaped pillow so you can catch some Zs when you need it most. Kids will love this too.

7. We Bare Bears Lunch Bag

Going for a picnic or a trip to the beach? Be sure to pack your food in this pretty lunch bag. You'll love carrying around this bag that features Grizz. 

8. We Bare Bears- Wirebound Book with Notepad 170 Sheets

What's on your mind? Write it down. This 170-sheet notepad will make journaling an enjoyable experience. It's also a lovely gift item for everyone.

9. We Bare Bears Moisturizing Glossy Facial Mask

Say goodbye to dry and dull skin. Add this facial mask to your daily skincare routine to keep your skin moisturized for that soft and silky feel. 

10. We Bare Bears - In-Ear Headphones With Microphone

Melophiles unite with this in-ear headphones with microphones so you can sing to your favorite tune or maybe do duet videos on TikTok, whichever you prefer. Be sure to update your playlist 'cause you'll spend the day listening to your favorite songs with the headphones' great bass range and rich tones.

What’s your favorite We Bare Bears collection? Be sure to get these We Bare Bears gift 2021 items at Miniso Australia.

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