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Cute Facts About Penguins

Cute Facts About Penguins

They're appealing and they make an adorable plush toy, but did you know there are more cute and interesting facts about the penguin than we know? Here are four of them:

1. Penguins have the ability to camouflage with their black and white colour pattern.

At first glance, those unique colour patterns may resemble a tuxedo, but penguins' unique feature has a purpose. The black and white pattern helps them camouflage when they're swimming in the water. Predators won't easily find them with this feature. They usually blend in the water's bright reflective surface, making it difficult for predators below to see them. Their black backs also blend with the water's darker look.

2. Penguins are not afraid of humans

Researchers and tourists have discovered that most penguins do not fear humans. They're in fact curious around them. Since they're not used to facing danger on land, they see humans as an odd visitor.

3. Penguins are social creatures

Have you ever noticed penguins swim in groups? It's because they're social creatures. They like swimming, nesting or even feeding in groups.

4. Penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere

Penguins are believed to be found in both north and south poles, but in reality, they only live in the Southern Hemisphere. As for more popular penguins, like the emperor penguin, they can be found in Antarctica. There are also some penguin species living further north where there are warmer climates.

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