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Cool Miniso Products To Get You Moving At Home

Cool Miniso Products To Get You Moving At Home

After the holiday season, not only did we collect great memories but we also collected unwanted pounds and handles. For sure, while writing your New Year's resolution, you might have also thought about shedding those extra pounds. Problem is, with the growing number of COVID cases looming before us, we're left with no choice but to stay at home, at least, for now. 

But, just because you're staying at home doesn't mean you should skip fitness. Nothing is more fulfilling than being confident in your own skin. So if you want to embark on a weight loss journey, you need some workout playlist to get you moving, and of course, a pair of high-quality speakers or earphones. Miniso gets you covered with our next-gen speakers and earphones that will give you the bang for the buck. If you want to level up your song listening experience, then these accessories won't disappoint. 

Here are some of our favourites:

TWS Capsule Wireless Speakers Model Bs 7281 White

With one press of a button, you'll fill each corner of your room with music with the speakers' extra bass. With wireless stereo pairing, you can move to the groove anytime, anywhere. Crystal clear highs, distortion-free sound, and enhanced bass-TWS Capsule Wireless Speakers are a perfect workout companion.

Metal Low Bass Wireless Speaker Model A109 Silver

Compact and powerful, this super portable Bluetooth speaker is equipped with robust bass and powerful sound for an unstoppable audio experience. It has extensive connectivity so you can listen to your favourite songs longer. 

Mini Wireless Speaker

Don't be deceived by its small size because its high-performance drivers will let you experience your music. It's compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Connect it to your tablet and smartphone and you're good to go. Even for such a small wireless device, you can enjoy your music indoor or outdoor. 

Wireless Earphones

This pair of wireless earphones adopts Bluetooth chip technology. with smooth and clear connection, you will hear crystal clear music and calls. There's no need to worry about interruptions either. You can run, camp, or work out with your earphones on.

Wire Control In-ear Earphones with Mic

Working has never been this easy with this wire control in-ear earphones. They're comfortably secured in your ears even when you work out. They're also sweatproof so you can use them for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

Metal Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

Exercise longer with these metal Bluetooth in-ear headphones. They're waterproof to prevent damage from raindrops and sweat. They can be paired with any smart devices with outstanding sound stability and music quality. 

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