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Back To School Organisation Tips And Ideas

Back To School Organisation Tips And Ideas

So it seems like everyone has gotten over New Year's Eve, and with the start of the school year, mums have one sole mission in mind-get organised! Yikes!!! Quite intimidating when you're juggling a lot of obligations at the same time, but it can save you both time and energy. 

Yep, we have to admit that getting kids ready for school can be stressful, but here are some tips and ideas that will help you navigate to a more organised routine in 2022. 

1. Create a calendar.

Our daily tasks get lost in translation sometimes, well...most of the time, and who can blame us, with so many things on our plate, it's easy to forget a thing or two. This is where starting up a family calendar comes in. It's a lifesaver when things get more complicated. When there is too much to keep track everyday, from homework, school activities or just getting through life, a calendar will help you to stay on the right track. With a calendar, you can keep track of events, activities, and to-dos on a daily basis. No matter how busy you are, starting a family calendar will get things done. 

2. Set up a homework station for your kids.

Getting kids to do their homework might not be a problem at first, but wait until you're confronted with a pile of schoolwork. Things will start to get messy. You don't have to dive into a cesspool of unfinished tasks though. There are better ways to stay focused and one of which is to set up a homework station. A dedicated space for your kids' homework station will minimise distractions when doing their homework.

3. Create a drawer for after school snacks.

Kids love to dig for a snack after school. This can be a stressful time as they start to rifle through the cupboards or consume too much junk food. Not to worry though because a pre-planned snack will save the day. Create a bin or drawer in the refrigerator. Fill it with bags of fried fruit or pretzels. They don't have to spend a half-hour looking for something to eat because this everyday healthy snack will get them going for the rest of the day. 

3. Clean out dressers and closets.

Many families shop for back-to-school clothes since the weather is about the change and kids like something to keep them comfortable. Before you decide to shop for new stuff, get organised at home by cleaning out your dressers and closets. Clothes that kids have outgrown can be discarded or donated so you can make room for new clothes. 

4. Create a checklist and schedule.

Planning for the mornings ensures everything gets accomplished in a timely manner. Since school mornings are the most hectic time of the day, creating a morning routine schedule can minimise stress. Whether you need a shower schedule, a meal plan for breakfast, or a specific time to prepare kids for school, a checklist and routine schedule get everything going. 

5. Start meal planning.

During the school year, evenings can get busier as people coming home from work and school don't have the luxury of time to prepare healthy meals. Eating fast food becomes a solution for staving off hunger. You can resolve this problem by creating a weekly meal plan. Keep food items in the refrigerator and reheat them when needed. 

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