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All of Us Are Dead Teaches Us How to Survive High School

All of Us Are Dead Teaches Us How to Survive High School

All of Us Are Dead is the latest zombie series on Netflix. It's based on a digital comic "Now at Our School," and beyond the zombie outbreak, it also tackles the complexities surrounding high school life like teen pregnancy, high-pressure college admissions and bullying.

Zombies made the series even more exciting because like anyone of us who have experienced high school life, we all need to have good survival skills to emerge victorious.

Here are some lessons we learn from All of Us Are Dead.

Stick with your squad.

When zombie outbreak started, some students were found in the worst places as most of them were in enclosed areas such as hallways, outdoor walkway, cafeteria and much more. Then, they found themselves in one place: the classroom. They kept each other alive by sticking together.

Branch out and make friends with others.

Sometimes, it pays to make friends with people from different groups. Hyosan High, like any high school, is divided into different cliques but when the outbreak happened, the groups started to melt away. While cliques are formed when each member's personality blends, it doesn't hurt to welcome another personality. They might be able to help you one day.

Believe people who show their true colours.

Ever wondered why your sweet and friendly classmate suddenly became manipulative and judgmental? Trust your instincts. They are the ones you should keep a close eye on. At first, you may consider them completely harmless, but they can put your group into trouble in the long run.

Stay away from bullies at all costs.

Yep, they may seem quite harmless at first because stick and stones may break your bones but words will never affect you in any way. But, what if that bully is good at mind games? Yikes! You better run for your lives because they can get you into serious trouble, especially if they turn into zombies. Ooops.

Listen to your parents.

Wisdom comes with age and nobody knows it better than our parents. Nam So-Ju is a perfect example because throughout the series, he tried to save his daughter, On-jo. He taught his daughter survival skills which she was able to use when zombies plagued their school.

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