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5 Ways to Declutter In 2022 ...LESS IS MORE

5 Ways to Declutter In 2022 ...LESS IS MORE

5 Ways to Declutter Before 2021

They say old habits die hard, and it probably includes our habit of hoarding things, especially if something's on sale. We may not admit it right off the bat, but making unnecessary purchases will be one of the habits we need to leave in 2021. We can all blame it on the pandemic because if there's one thing it has taught us, it's to bask in the solace of online shopping when health protocols are in place to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. 

Now that you've realized that impulsive buying took a toll on you, it's time to re-evaluate your stuff and start to declutter. We know it's a struggle when you treat each clothing piece you own as your most valued possession. Don't worry because we'll help you stay on the right track for a clutter-free 2022.

1. Declutter one room at a time

It can be overwhelming to declutter the entire bedroom so to make the process easier for you, consider taking baby steps. If you haven't incorporated any decluttering habits before, now's the best time to get started. Going overboard can lead to burnout, so you might want to start slow first. Discard unnecessary items such as disposable utensils. 

2. Check expiry dates

Your pantry might be one of the most overlooked places that need desperate attention. You might want to check food items' expiry dates. Check your medicine and bathroom cabinets as well. Lotions and face masks might have already expired without even knowing it. 

3. Store similar items 

Ever find yourself spending hours looking for a specific item to match your clothes? You're in a needle in a haystack situation if you don't tackle the source of the problem. Consider storing all similar items so you can free more space in your closet. Whether you're spending too much time looking for batteries, paperclips, or pens, keeping everything organised will save you both time and space. 

4. Keep personal deadlines for repairs

We all have that habit of putting things off until we forget that we should actually prioritise doing them. Whether it's a broken vase or a fragmented coffee mug, it's time to say goodbye to these objects if they're no longer serving their purpose. 

5. Label items

Another way to save time is to label baskets and containers so you don't have to keep on guessing which is which. Store frequently used products in visible places so you won't forget them. For seasonable clothes, store them in the empty area of your bed. 

Start the year right by keeping your home neat, clean, and organised. What's your cleaning and decluttering hack? Share it with us.

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