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5 Life Lessons We Learn From Disney Movies

5 Life Lessons We Learn From Disney Movies

Walt Disney is a beloved creator, animator, director and even voice actor of Disney Movies and our favourite fairy tales that have shaped our childhood have in fact, taught us a lesson or two. Walt Disney Studios produced a lot of animated movies like The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Bambi. These stories have reminded us that good will definitely win over evil.

So beyond the element of entertainment, here are five important life lessons that we learn from some of our most loved Disney Animations:

1. Beauty and the Beast (True beauty comes from within.)

We're always attracted to physical beauty, but what's inside is more important. In the animated movie, Beauty and the Beast, Belle befriended the Beast despite his hideous appearance. But as their friendship became stronger and stronger, she discovers the Beast's golden heart.

2. 101 Dalmatians (Animals need deep love)

Led by two Dalmatians, this story tells us how animals make the world happy and perfect. They may be chased by Cruella de Vil but they didn't allow such hardships to win. In the end they live happily ever after with their puppies.

3. Pocahontas (Love transcends all race, family backgrounds and religions.)

Love knows no boundaries. This is what Pocahontas and her beloved Captain have proven in the movie Pocahontas. Her dad at first, was against their relationship, but Pocahontas did everything to fight for their love.

4. Aladdin (Wishing won't make anything happen.)

In Aladdin, we watch Aladdin make a wish by rubbing a magic lamp, but in reality, wish won't come true unless we start doing something about it. So in order to succeed, we need to work hard for our success.

5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Never talk to strangers.)

Ever heard of the famous catchphrase "stranger danger"? We might have been told when we were just a kid to never talk to stranger and until now, this is true. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White talked to the wicked witch who turned to be the evil queen who was envious of her. She accepted the apple that poisoned her instantly. In the real world, we can also fall prey to predators if we're not careful. The poisonous apple can be drugs or alcohol in this modern age. That's why we should be very careful when a stranger approaches us. It can be a trap.

We love these fairytales from Disney because of the important lessons they taught us. Miniso Australia knows that Disney brings out the child in you. Be sure to catch youthful and fun Disney items here.
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