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5 Fun Facts About Backpacks

5 Fun Facts About Backpacks

Backpacks are fun to have because they're very versatile. You can carry everything from books to laptops in your backpack. It's a very practical item. However many people still don't know about these facts about backpacks. People still think backpacks are just for school but they have many uses. We've also compiled some fun facts about backpacks so you'll have to look at them the same way again.

1. Before the term backpack, which was invented in 1910, this popular bag was used to be referred to as packsack and knapsack.

2. Backpacks are highly recommended, especially for kids because it evenly distributes the weight to our shoulders. There's no need to keep on switching sides.

3. When placing objects in your backpack, the lightest object should be at the bottom.

4. Dick Keyly invented backpacks originally intended for a hiking trip.

5. Backpacks should be worn on the lower half of the back so it doesn't affect your posture.

More than the style and design, backpacks are also functional and practical to use. It also comes in various colors to match you personality.

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